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What makes ClickandBuild and EcommerceMate stand out from other ecommerce shopping carts?
Simply put, ClickandBuild and EcommerceMate use a sophisticated template structure and intuitive user interface to create stunning ecommerce websites.

If you're looking for a small site to provide you with a web presence or you wish to migrate your entire business to an online trading site, we can help.

If you don’t have any design skills or ideas for how your website will look you might think that it would be hard to create a professional looking website. With ClickandBuild you can apply a “QuickBuild” template to your store which will instantly apply a full, professional looking design to your store. All you need to do then is simply add in your page content and product information.

There are a large amount of designs to choose from and you can select any design you want. Should you change your mind you can simply select another design until you are happy. All of the designs within "QuickBuild" are included within the monthly charge, there are no hidden fees for selecting any of the designs.

With QuickBuild you can create your professional looking store within minutes, allowing you more time to focus on your product catalogue and content.

ClickandBuild uses a highly sophisticated templating system which allows you to select individual templates for each area of your store (for example where to place your logo and navigation, the layout of your products, etc.).

This freedom of selecting different templates allows you to create a custom store without the need to do any coding - simply select the template you like and ClickandBuild does the rest. You can change or select a new template at any time without affecting any of your product data.

If you can't find the exact template you require, or you have a specific idea of how you would like a template to look the ClickandBuild design team can create a custom template just for your store. To find out more about custom templates and what charges may be incurred please contact ClickandBuild design with your request.

An important part of any web site is to display images to help provide visual depth to your site. Images within an ecommerce store are essential as they provide visual references for any products you are selling as well as enhancing any textual content you wish to display.

The image administration section with ClickandBuild has been designed to allow easy upload of images (including bulk image uploads) and an easy selection method when adding products.

You can create multiple folders to store your images, run reports on all images within the system, edit any image details and overwrite an existing image, as well as uploading a zip* file containing multiple images.

* A zip file is a file which allows you to combine and compress multiple files together (such as images) into 1 file. You will need an external application to create a zip file but most of these are free to download and use. Popular zip file creators are WinZip,7-Zip and ZipIt

It is recommended to have a number of different font styles within your store to help highlight specific areas to your shoppers, for example product headers or discount text.

The Font manager within ClickandBuild provides complete control over all of the font styles within your store including font type, size, colour and decoration.

Equally you will want to define background and cell colours within your store to reflect your company logo or company branding. ClickandBuild provides complete control over all of the different colour elements within your store.

The main focus for your ecommerce store must be your product catalogue. With ClickandBuild you can easily see your catalogue structure using the dynamic category and product tree.
The following features are available for your product catalogue;

  • Multi-level categories
  • Discounts
  • Quick edit stock and product prices
  • Multiple catalogue entries for products
  • Product attributes (shopper input or selection)
  • Bulk upload / download of product database
  • Full catalogue reporting facility

The administration area creates an intuitive environment for editing, creating or deleting any of your products or categories. Even if you have a large catalogue of products, uploading them via the bulk upload (csv) facility makes adding product data extremely simple.

Tax and shipping can be a complicated thing when it comes to setting up an online store. But with ClickandBuild you can easily create unique tax and shipping rules as detailed by your shipping carrier. You can specify individual shipping locations, custom tax and shipping charges and apply them to individual products or groups of products.

  • Create multiple tax rates for different countries.
  • Create multiple shipping rates and apply them to a specific group of
    products or all products.
  • Create multiple custom country lists for shipping destinations.

This flexibility and freedom for tax and shipping provides a virtually unlimited number of combinations to suit any shipping method you wish to use.

If you wish to sell any files that can be downloaded by the shopper after payment you need to be sure that all of the files are secure and only visible after payment. ClickandBuild does this by storing all of the downloadable files within the store itself so there is no complicated coding you need to do. Simply upload the downloadable file and assign it to a product.

ClickandBuild provides you with an easy to use downloadable files section which provides easy management of all your files.

Once uploaded to the ClickandBuild system each downloadable file can be applied to any product within the store. A time limit can also be applied to ensure that the download is only accessible for a limited time.

For every trading store it is important to be able to display your order information in a simple and friendly manner.
ClickandBuild allows you to see all of the orders taken through your store, the order status, delivery information and items ordered.

ClickandBuild also has a fully customisable report builder allowing you to create multiple reports for your order information. The flexibility of the report builder allows you to define exactly what information is produced in the report meaning that each report only displays the order information you need to see.

You can download this order report as a comma separated values (csv) file which can be imported into a separate spreadsheet or accounts package.

Full feature list of what ClickandBuild and EcommerceMate have to offer;
  • 100's of ready to use images and templates
  • QuickBuild templates
  • Fully integrated to the WorldPay secure payment gateway or PayPal secure payment solution.
  • Comprehensive cross border tax and shipping
  • Multi currency
  • Rapid customisation and roll-out
  • REE email support
  • Multi user administration access
  • View store as you build
  • Discounts system
  • Automated stock control and low stock warning (via email)

  • Nested product categories
  • Extensive product options (including variations, attributes and, multiple category entries)
  • News items (can relate directly to a list of products)
  • Guest book
  • Real time notification of sales via email
  • Automatic order confirmation emails to customers
  • Export and Import product database
  • Online shopper order queries
  • Product search
  • Add your own text or HTML
  • Flexible order and catalogue report generator

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