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As well as building your web shop with ClickandBuild, we can offer you a number of different services ranging from registering your domain name to optimising and promoting your site through search engines.

See below for more information about the services ClickandBuild can offer.

Designed for medium to large businesses and for any business that wants to be able to accept payments in a range of currencies, the WorldDirect package provides both the internet merchant account needed to trade online and RBS WorldPay's payment processing service.

A cost effective ecommerce payment gateway solution allowing small or start-up businesses to quickly and easily start taking payments over the internet

If you want to provide a professional web presence then you will need to have a domain name which is unique and memorable for your shoppers. ClickandBuild provides a wide range of solutions for domain names and email addresses to suit every business.

With all online stores there is no way of knowing which ones to trust and which ones to stay clear of. This is more prominent when shoppers need to enter their private credit card details to make a purchase. Safebuy and TrustUK are a regulatory body that provide a guarantee that a site is 'trust-worthy'.

There are times when you are not able to create the store you envisage, or you just want someone else to do all the work for you. The ClickandBuild design team can carry out any work relating to your store including the creation of a full store design to creating a custom store template. Click below to find out how ClickandBuild designers can help you.